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About Us

Dallas Capoeira is the Dallas affiliate of the international organization, CapuraGinga Capoeira, formed in Mato Grosso Brazil in 1983 and headed by Brazilian master Manoel Leite, known as "Mestre Loka." Head instructor Professor Furacao (Chad R. Adams) and all other Brazilian Capoeira instructors are certified instructors for CapuraGinga Capoeira.

Since 1998, Furacao has trained extensively with Mestre Loka of CapuraGinga, as well as several other notable capoeiristas from Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso, Espirito Santo and throughout the United States. Having traveled extensively in Brazil, Furacao is familiar with the Portuguese language, and Brazilian culture and history.

Furacao has significant teaching and performance experience, and has been a frequent guest instructor at capoeira schools throughout the U.S. Furacao has performed capoeira on television in Utah, Texas, and Brazil. He also helped collaborate the documentary, Capoeira: The Dance of Freedom, and helped secure a capoeira performance in the closing ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics, along with Earth, Wind, and Fire. He has performed and taught capoeira for several contemporary dance and cultural workshops throughout the U.S. and has helped record several capoeira music CD’s.

Furacao is a video game character on the capoeira video game Capoeira Fighter. He also owns the title of 'Black Belt' in Shaolin Kempo which allows him a peculiar and valuable knowledge of martial arts, especially how Brazilian Capoeira fits into the Asian dominated world of martial arts. As a new resident to Dallas from Salt Lake City, Utah, Professor Furacao brings to Dallas Capoeira a wealth of experience and notoriety. In a relatively short time, Furacao and his Utah Capoeira Group received ample recognition in the Salt Lake Tribune (2002, 2004, 2005), Deseret News (2000, 2002), Daily Herald (1999), and Salt Lake's own arts based magazine the Catalyst (2004) to name a few. Furacao started the capoeira club at the University of Utah in 2004, and currently oversees the capoeira club at University of Texas at Dallas. During his wide martial arts career he has taught students ranging from ages 3 and up. Since starting the Dallas Capoeira program, Furacao and his group have enjoyed swift recognition from the Dallas Morning News (2006), Noticias 23 Univision (2006), motion capture studios at UTD (2007), and an interview with www.karatekast.com (2007)—the #1 international martial arts podcast.

Furacao is excited about Dallas' growing interest in capoeira, and looks forward to further informing local media interests, and residents about this remarkable art form.

We are proud to offer students a clean, easy to find, well-maintained facility, and a professional program designed to allow students from all experience levels a great environment to learn more about this unique and exciting art form. We'd love for you to check out our program.

Get started now by scheduling your trial classes, or feel free to stop by our studio:

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